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Thursday, 9 October 2008


Rottner Security, based in Austria, but supplying over 30 countries with the largest range of safes in Europe, would like to advise both Trade and Consumers alike into selecting the correct Safe with Cash & Content Approvals as recognised by Insurance Companies across Europe of the ‘European Norms’ Ratings (EN).

In the UK, these Pan European Safe EN Ratings have superseded the British Standard EN Rated Safes can be purchased from Professional suppliers of safes. It is advised that EN Rated Safes only, should be purchased for the storing of Cash amounts over £1,000.00.

An explanation and schedule of EN Cash Ratings is below.

Non Rated Safes = £1,000 Cash & £10,000 Jewellery
EN14450 S1 Safes = £2,000 Cash & £20,000 Jewellery
EN14450 S2 Safes = £4,000 Cash & £40,000 Jewellery
EN0 Rated Safes = £6,000 Cash & £60,000 Jewellery
EN1 Rated Safes = £10,000 Cash & £100,000 Jewellery
EN2 Rated Safes = £17,500 Cash & £175,000 Jewellery
EN3 Rated Safes = £35,000 Cash & £350,000 Jewellery
EN4 Rated Safes = £60,000 Cash & £600,000 Jewellery
EN5 Rated Safes = £100,000 Cash & £1,000,000 Jewellery
EN6 Rated Safes = £150,000 Cash & £1,500,000 Jewellery

For further information and / or details of where to buy an EN Rated Safe can be given by contacting 01634 294432 or visit http://www.simplysafes.co.uk/

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Simply Safes said...

Eurograde safes can be purchased with 1 hour fire protection which in the unfortunate event of a fire would protect important documents against damage.

This is something worth considering when purchasing a safe.